2010 prius rattling noise when accelerating

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The rattling noise is most likely a bad bearing in your power steering pump so replacing the pump will get you a new pulley and bearing and hopefully stop the rattling and leaking fluid. There is no way to damage your power steering pump by turning your wheels too tight and as long as your car is in good shape, you shouldn’t be able to damage the steering rack either.

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I bought a new 2010 honda accord at marin honda in larkspur, california on sunday 1/31/2010. But i did not pick up the car until monday 2/1/2010 because the car was "not prepared" on sunday evening. I drove the car home from the dealer in the afternoon on 2/1/2010 and i began to notice a rattling noise coming from the hood on driver side.
Oct 10, 2010 · Ive had my recently acquired 09 (gen 2) T-Spirit for a month. On driving the car back from Derbyshire on the very day I bought it, I was aware of a rather odd noise which sounded like it was coming from the engine bay. Above 40mph, when one accelerates hard, there is a loud rasping/buzzing noise ...
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The Prius engine tone therefore sounds as if the car has a CVT because it does not rise as the car picks up speed. Instead, it rises and falls with power demand, in other words, how hard you press on the accelerator pedal. The Prius transmission does not, however, multiply up engine torque at low vehicle speed.
Aug 28, 2020 · 2016 Toyota Prius Dimensions Toyota Prius Cargo Space. The Prius has 27.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind its rear seats and 65.5 cubic feet with its rear seats folded. These measurements are exceptional for a compact car. 2016 Prius Length and Weight. The 2016 Prius is 14.9 feet long and has a curb weight of between 3,010 and 3,080 pounds.
When I'm inside a roundabout (with the wheels steered to the left direction) and I'm accelerating (moderate to high) I hear a rattling/scrapping noise coming from the right wheel area. I checked and there's nothing touching the actual wheel/rubber, no visible damage.
Hi, Thanks for the reply. The sound is always attached to acceleration. Starts around 2,000 rpm. Even when cruising at 65 mph. A slight acceleration, (200 rpm's), will cause the sound. The reason I bring up the cornering as my thoughts are that the centrifugal force of the turn causes the engine to shift and the leak temporarily seals.
The Toyota Prius is packed with some pretty high-tech stuff, but at the heart of the Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) is a simple little device called the Power Split Device, or PSD. The PSD is a planetary gear set that removes the need for a traditional stepped gearbox and transmission components, and also the familiar rev-lurch-rev-lurch of ...
Rattling sound when accelerating on 2007 Forester On mine, I got under there and there are rocks rattling in the heat shield. There are factory made holes in it, and the rocks sit in there like eggs in a carton and rattle when the engine hits a certain vibration frequency which is basically when it is at a stop light or idling.
...s60 and when i accelerate (more in second gear) i hear a weird rattling noise Im having the same issues on my C70. when I accelerate it feels like its on the I have a Volvo S40 2.4i 2010 manual transmission. I really appreciate if someone...
I have a 1996 Toyota Corolla and starting a 2 - 3 days ago when ever I accelerate from a point there is a rattling sound every so often if listen carefully (it rattles for about 2 or 3 times ... like Assuming that it is not valve train noise, it is most likely a loose heat shield on your exhaust system. Get a friend.
...noise when accelerating only when something went wrong under the hood, there could be a various reasons for car to make noise while accelerating How to diagnose a rattling noise at home? Listen the sound of unusual voice coming from the engine by using a screw, Place one end on your ear and...
Oct 08, 2017 · The noise might mean you need new brakes. It might mean you have a suspension or ABS problem. Any strange noise should be inspected by a professional. At Alexander’s Import, we’ll be able to determine whether your noise requires immediate attention, will soon require attention, or is just a matter of moisture buildup in the brake system.
I have a 2006 RAV4 Sport !-4. Sometimes when I do some hard or somewhat hard accelerating, I get a rattling sound along with the engine drone. Has anyone else experienced this? It sounds like a metallic rattling. I wonder if it has something to do with the exhaust system, or if it's something else.
Vibration/rattling noise on downshift Okay, I was exiting the shops when I heard a vibration/rattling noise when taking my foot off the throttle. I don't hear the noise when accelerating, only when decelerating, and mainly when I downshift gears.
Apr 23, 2012 · rattling noise when accelerating up hill Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.
Hi Guys I have a 2007 Audi A6 2.0 TDI. Recently I have noticed that car makes a low pitched whining/whirling noise when accelerating. It happens in every gear, and if you keep throttling the accelerator you can make the noise come again and again.
Sadly the rattling noise persists, albeit maybe slightly less noticeable, but still very much there. I have got similar issue too, mine is N52B25 Metallic rattling sound when accelerate, particularly between 1000-2500rpm, usually happens when I try to...
Mar 27, 2020 · This could be a poorly secured heat shield, a loose muffler, broken hangers or ill fitting pipe gaskets. Loose U-joints along the drive shaft, failed bearings and worn CV joints can also produce similar rattling sounds. Further rattling can also come from the wheels when brake calipers are loose.

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I have a 2010 Camry and my car has started doing the same noise that yours is except mine shuts off randomly when coming to a stop. But not all the time does it make the sound but when it does that when I notice it shuts off more. I cleaned out the idle control valve and seems like it did better but still it shuts off, but less often now.
I didn't notice any abnormal noises when I spun the wheels while installing the shims, but I'll take another look/listen. Would a wheel bearing make noise all the time or just when coasting?
Nov 27, 2013 · Tahoe & Suburban - Whining sound with acceleration - I have a 99 with 170k miles. I'm hearing this whining sound that starts around 40 mph. It's faint and only happens when on the accelerator. Goes away when letting off the gas and comes back when on the gas. Its constant while cruising. Sounds like it is coming from...
Whenever I am accelerating up an incline (25-85mph+), either through the hills or something as small as a freeway on-ramp, I get a grinding/rattling/whining metal noise someone under the truck. I cannot tell where the noise is coming from exactly. I feel the grinding/rattling in the gas pedal and in my hands on the steering wheel.
Mar 17, 2013 · I have 2010 Fusion and lately I keep hearing a grinding noise coming from the right front side behind the glove compartment whenever I accelerate from complete stop. The noise goes away as I pick up speed, in about 5 to 10 seconds or so.
2005 300c AWD, 150K miles. For about a year I've heard a sound like a playing card in bike spokes rattle when I accelerate between 20-40mph. Louder on hard acceleration. Sometimes seems louder when I turn and accelerate at the same time - but not always. Only happens at lower rmp/gear. Dealership can't (not real interested) in finding out what ...
- I can only hear the noise when accelerating, when I push hard the pedal. - If I press the throttle gently and constant, I do not hear the noise. - In 1st and second gear I can go above 4000-5000 rpm but in 3rd and 4th I have a lack of power; at...
The sound occurs in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears while accelerating at a non-aggressive pace. The sound also occurs when going up hill in those gears and I have to apply more pressure to the accelerator. The car does not lose power and there is no slipping or grinding in the lower gears when accelerating hard. I've got close to 110,000 miles on the ...
Apr 14, 2019 · Jordan Felo had just finished hiking in the local mountains outside Portland, Ore., several weeks ago and was headed home in his 2010 Toyota Prius when it suddenly lost power and slowed to a crawl.
Toyota 2010 Prius - problem with car accelerating when I brake on bumpy surface. Has occurred repeatedly as on my drive to work I drive over a potholed section of road and need to brake to slow down for a right hand turn -if I go very slowly and do not brake on the bumpy part it does not occur - when I drive at a normal speed and brake for the turn it does occur - I feel a major acceleration ...
Hi everyone, my Jeep started rattling upon accelerating. It sounds as if it's coming from the transfer case/transmission while I'm driving. The noise only happens when I'm driving and not if I am parked in neutral and rev the engine. It only happens between about 15 and 40 mph (2nd-5th gear).
This may not be specific to 2G MDXes, since I have this on my 1G MDX as well as my ex's TL. I guess I have just gotten used to this, but someone pointed out recently who was in my car that when I accelerate at slow to moderate speeds, there is this rattling tin can noise.
Nov 12, 2008 · Rattling noise during acceleration (Jay-Bee) 10-31-2008 12:50 PM #14 no not the timing chain, the alternator fluid. another thing to check is the carb, sometimes they dont get enought oil in it. it doesnt need alot just like, a cup if that.. thats what i did to my car and it worked awesome from there on out! let me know if it worked for you too!
Aug 12, 2013 · Re: Funky metal on metal sound when accelerating Aug 13 2013, 7:14pm ironwelder wrote: I don't think it's a rock in the brakes, since it doesn't make the sound when letting off the gas and braking doesn't change.
Prius (2010-12) :: Noise While Accelerating. Ford Aerostar :: 4.0L - Rattle At Specific Throttle Settings When Oil Warm. Passat (B5) :: Hesitation When Accelerating From A Stop / At Half Throttle Car Bogs Down. Prius (Gen 3) :: Cable Rattle Noise At Low RPMs. Passat (B6) :: 2002 - Slight Rattle When Accelerating.

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